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Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Best Multicultural Reading List for Kids in Grades 2 to 6 - MUST READ BOOKS

Here's a list of my own kids' favorite books from all around the world. I believe SO strongly that kids need to see themselves and others reflected in literature, and this list offers kids like mine -- global South Asian kids growing up in Singapore -- a wide range of books that reflect both the familiar and the foreign in wonderful ways. 


Charlotte’s Web (US)
-       The Folk of the Faraway Tree (England)
-       Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (China)
-       Starry River of the Skies (China)
-       The Mudskipper (Singapore)
-Sherlock Sam series (Singapore)
-       A Single Shard (Korea)
-       Noodle Pie (Vietnam/Australia)
-       Listen, Slowly (Vietnam)
-       Just A Train Ride Away (India)
     Tiger Boy (India)
Thai-riffic (Thailand, Australia)
-       Danger By Moonlight (India, Italy)
-       Flora and Ulysses (US)
-       Number the Stars (Denmark)
-       The Giver (US)
-       Esperanza Rising (Mexico, US)
-       I Lived on Butterfly Hill (Chile)
-       The Garbage King (Ethiopia)
-       Clay Marble (Cambodia)
-       The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.Frankeweiler (US)
-       Oliver Twist (UK)
-       Red Scarf Girl (China)
-       Chinese Cinderella (China)
-       I Am David (Europe)
-       Oranges in No Man’s Land (Lebanon)
-The Ash Mistry Series (India/UK)

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