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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Book Update!

My book, Beyond the Tiger Mom, will launch in the US on Feb 26th! Right now, it's in bookstores across Singapore, and it will soon also hit bookstores across East Asia. So far, I've gotten some really interesting responses from readers and potential reviewers. The book seems to resonate particularly well with Indian-Americans. Here are a couple of comments I've received:

"I'm thoroughly impressed with the book. I agree - As an Indian American, I can relate to many of the two cultures' inherent tensions. Literature is often biased towards the western standard, and your unbiased reflections are so refreshing! I really appreciated it, and I'm sure many NSF parents and students in the U.S would as well."
- From Srinidhi, the editor of North-South Foundation's magazine. 
The North South Foundation is a fantastic organization in the US that not only provides academic support and coaching for Indian-American kids but also provides scholarships and funding for students in India. It's the organization that coaches Indian kids for the famed US spelling bees and math counts competitions. They are planning to review the book soon.

"The book is very captivating – specially for Indian-American parents who have to make sense of two contradictory approaches."
- From Parthiv Parekh, editor of Khabar magazine.
Khabar is a magazine for the Indian-American community in Atlanta, Georgia. 

I've also had some wonderful responses in Singapore: one mother told me that "the book spoke very strongly to her experiences as an Asian parent with kids in an international school"; another mom emailed me saying that "she couldn't put the book down." These kinds of comments make me feel as though all the thought, effort, research, and time that went into the book are certainly worth it. 

I think it's so important that Asian mothers -- both in Asia and in the West -- have a book that reflects their experiences and gives them a voice. And I hope that the book offers both Western and Eastern moms ways to learn from each other and blend the best of American and Asian approaches to parenting and education.

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